About Me

Currently acting as an English teacher in Cheonan, S. Korea. I spend my days teaching young’ns English while studying insects, ethics, and the art of youtube surfing in the evenings.

Munching on some giant mangoes

This blog will be my personal account of life abroad. After a year and a half of living in Thailand, filled with dog bites, shin splints and mosquitoes, I decided that I needed to move to a different (more “modern”) setting. With help from friends and family, I was able to relocate to  S. Korea with my 3 year-old pit bull, Sigma.

Me with some of my Thai private students

Sigma on her 2nd birthday (Thailand)

Group hug outside of my school in Thailand

Touring Laos (2012)

Stick around for posts about running, bike touring, traveling, and grad school…


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