The Doggie Pool!

Enjoy these pictures of Sigma and her dog park friends at Eden Dog, the doggie swimming pool in Asan. Our friends at the local Cheonan dog park planned a big “doggie day” this past Sunday and invited us to join them. Everyone brought picnic supplies, dog treats, and towels– it was to be a full day of swimming, sunburns, kimchi and beer!


Just hanging out with someone else’s puppy…

I’m not quite sure about how to get to Eden Dog because our friends drove us there, but I do know that it is located in Asan. Check out their website for more information (it is in Korean). It cost 30,000 for the day + 5,000 per human– so 40,000 for MH, Sigma, and I. We stayed there for about 5 hours, had a huge cook out , swam a great deal, were treated with a watermelon fruit salad, and had two professional photographers follow around all of our dogs for the day. Fun, fun, fun!


Swimming with daddy!




So many dogs in the pool!


Chasing after a floatie “bone”


Gah, she is so cute!


Racing daddy… but not necessarily a fair one. Dad was Naval S and R Swimmer


Sigma’s best Korean friend! Betty!!


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