Noryangjin Fish Market

A few weekends ago, MH and I set out to explore Noryangjin (노량진수산시장), one of Seoul’s famous fish markets, with his old professor-buddy who happened to be teaching at Korea University for the summer. Well, even though I’ve been itching to check out this place out for months now, I found myself wondering whether the middle of summer was the best time to check out a fish market… haha.

The market was large and the fish sellers were extremely friendly and eager to make a sale. For the seafood-eaters out there, any purchases made at the market can be taken to a number of restaurants that operate around the outskirts of the building and the goods will be prepared for you.

I suppose it would be honest to say that I was a little disappointed… I was hoping to see some mythical sea creatures with legs reaching upwards of eight feet long, a whale, and maybe even a manta ray or two. I saw none of those things, but I did happen to see a lot of sea-penises, sea squirt, huge ropes of octopus tentacles, sea anemones, and skates. It was definitely worth the trip out there and if I was a meat eater, I’m sure I would have enjoyed picking out something to have prepared for me.


Looking down on the market


Sellers arranging and preparing their goods


Sea Skate


Octopus, jumbo shrimp, and konchs


HUGE octopus tentacles


A visual comparison to better appreciate the size of this poor octopus…


Sea anonomes

To get to the market, go to Noryangjin Station (Seoul Subway line 1), exit 1. Walk over the bridge and follow the signs to the market… the smell of the market should be strong enough to help you find your way there. ^^


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