Parents: Tread Lightly!

Parents, in case any of you ever wondered what your children tell their teachers, I have something to show you:


Lucy’s comments…

“I’m angry because of my mom didn’t give chocolate. I’m sad because I miss my dad. I’m busy because of my mom talk a lots. I’m sleepy because of my mom said Don’t sleep.” (sic)


Erica’s feelings on the day

“I am happy because today is gym class. I am angry because of [sic] my Dad hit me. I am excited because my mom will gave [sic] me a toy. I am happy because of [sic] yesterday my dad play with me.” (sic)


Juliet’s thoughts…

“I’m sad because of my mom skord [scolded] me. I am mad because my dad dide [didn’t] play wid [with] me. I am so-so because of my siser [sister] just go smmopoo [swimming pool]. I am lel [a little] happy because Yesterday Baky [Becky] kun [came to] my house.” (sic)


One response to “Parents: Tread Lightly!

  1. It’s a little frightening to hear what the kids say about their parents when they’re not around them. Some children don’t have that great of a home-life and it’s sad.

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