Sigma’s 4th!

On June 21st, we celebrated Sigma’s 4th birthday. It’s so lovely to have had her with me these last few years abroad– in Thailand and now in Korea. She has been with me through some terribly low moments and through some of the highest; I love my little solstice baby so much. Here’s to you, Sigma! Mama loves!

[Pictures taken by the fabulous Alex]

Playing in the 'Wastelands'

Playing in the ‘Wastelands’ on Sigma’s birthday


We tried to keep smiling even though we were being eaten by mosquitoes and ticks…




Overlooking our neighborhood in Cheonan, S. Korea

And here are some more pictures from the night of Sigma’s birthday:

[Photos taken by my MacBook Pro… ]


Sigma does not look amused at our antics

it just started getting silly

Michael was trolling…

kisses for daddy!

Kisses for daddy!

birthday bugling with dog bones!

Birthday bugling with dog bones!

eww... sharing an antler to chew on...

Eww… mutual gnawing on deer antlers is, uh, gross… 



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