A couple weekends ago Steph, Ric and I decided to check out Korea’s most popular amusement park: EVERLAND. A train to Suwon, bus to Yongin, and shuttle ride later, we were at the entrance at this most magical of parks. And because it was one of the first warm-ish days post-terrifyingly-cold-winter, the park was packed with other fun-loving couples and families.

And finally, we had arrived...

And finally, we had arrived…

I had heard that Everland would be very busy in the morning and early afternoon with queues of 2+ hours long, so we decided to arrive a couple hours after lunch. We had hoped that by that point, families would  be beginning to head home. Well, that didn’t quite work out the way we had planned… the park was bumpin’!

All smiles (and glasses) while mapping out the rides that we intended to check out

We walked past a “zoo” to hit up our first ride: A Queue. No, but we did have to wait for 45 minutes in line to get on to the “river rapids” water ride. The best part? If you managed to get wet (but really, how could you with the plastic tarp cocooning you into your boat?), the park provided heaters at the ride’s exit to help dry wet clothes (!).

Steph and Ric enjoying the somewhat dry river rapids ride

Following the “river rapids” ride we grabbed some snacks and beers and then made our way to a “mystery house” that was really nothing more than a seated ride inside of a highly decorated room wherein the room appeared to turn upside down– or that you were turning  upside down inside the room. It was fun for the minute or two that we sat in it, but the two hour wait in a window-less hell-hole was definitely not worth it. At least there were fun-house mirrors for us to entertain ourselves with during the queue…


General craziness…

Following this we walked around for a bit, mostly in an attempt for me to find cotton candy, because, you know…. cotton candy. After we found (and ate) the confection that we were after, we made our way to another sort of entertainment: a fun house. I think the only reason we chose this as our next “ride” was because there wasn’t a wait– all of the other rides’ lines were hovering around the 1.5- 2 hour mark. And so in we went, giggling and making fools of ourselves.

Dusk was beginning to fall when we eventually headed over to T-Express, the steepest wooden roller-coaster in the world. The wait was a grueling 2 hours long but we had beer, 피노 스틱 (“Pino Sticks”), and “matching couple-ware” to entertain us.

Matching couple number one

Matching couple number one

Matching couple number 2

Matching couple number 2

Matching Couple numero trés

Matching Couple número trés

And matching couple number four

…And matching couple number four 😉

Some 2 hours later we boarded one of the cars of the coaster. I became pretty worried when one of the attendants asked me to remove my eyeglasses and for Steph to remove her necklace– this was going to be intense. AND LORD WAS IT EVER. As far as Ric and I were concerned it was definitely worth the wait, but not according to Steph. Unfortunately for her, the ride was jarring enough to trigger a bad, bad case of motion sickness. We left Everland soon after getting off Korea’s monster coaster.

A view of T-Express

A view of T-Express



Ultimately, it was a really fun day. The general vibe of the park was upbeat and lively, although there weren’t that many rides and the wait times were pretty gnarly. Also, there wasn’t much to eat for Korea’s lone vegetarian. Thankfully I had the foresight to bring Soyjoys, an apple, and some tangerines, else I would have had to suffer through the day on only beer and cotton candy (…that doesn’t sound too bad, actually). But really, upon reflection, it was mostly the company that made the day the most fun and worthwhile– love me some Steph and Ric! ^^


One response to “Everland!!!

  1. Thanks for including us in all the fun you’re having. I feel like I’ve been there with you. You are so brave, must take after Tim because he did the “Tough Mudder” 12 mile run with 22 obstacles, and completed it! We saw videos of the event & it was crazy! Julia, John, Ethan & Katelyn did it with Tim. I think your roller coaster ride was more fun. Love you. God Bless you. Pat & Jack

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