About a month ago I celebrated my 26th birthday with close friends in Cheonan and Daegu. It dawned on me that I’ve celebrated the last three birthdays in Asia and I wanted to pull pictures from each of those days and see the progression. Not much has changed, it seems, accept for hair length and the addition of some frames.

My 24th at an "Italian" restaurant Khorat, Thailand with MH

24th at an “Italian” restaurant in Khorat, Thailand with MH

25th on top of a mountain at Khao Yai Tiang, Thailand

The big 2-5 on top of a mountain at Khao Yai Tiang, Thailand

My 26th on top of yet another mountain in Daegu, S. Korea

And most recently: my 26th on top of a mountain in Daegu, S. Korea

(This post is a bit more for me than for you, dear readers… I’m sorry for the indulgence!)


6 responses to “Birthdays

  1. Hi,
    I just arrived in Cheonan about a week ago. Any recommendations regarding where to visit and places to eat? Thanks.

    • Welcome to Cheonan! If I were you, I’d join the Cheonan Facebook Page to get to know some of the people living here and to find out happenings in the area. There are many good restaurants– Korean, Indian, Italian, and pretty soon there will even be a Mexican restaurant. In terms of things to do, I’d recommend checking out Taejo-san, one of the local mountains, and Arario Art Gallery in Shinbudong. ^^

      • Thanks! I guess I’ll have to make a fb account after all. I will definitely check out the local mountains and art galley once I figure my way around here… I got lost the other night getting home on the bus so I’m still traumatized. Again, thanks for the recommendations.

      • Yes, dinner would be nice. I haven’t tried any restaurants yet, I don’t really like to eat alone at at restaurant. =/ Btw, I see you’re studying for your LSAT from your bio… I was a paralegal for 5 years in the U.S. I figured law school was not for me so here I am in Korea.

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