Some woman we saw being videoed outside of Seoul Station one Sunday...

Some woman we saw being filmed outside of Seoul Station one Sunday…

Last Sunday, Steph, Ric and I saw a very well dressed woman walking slowly up the steps to Seoul Station with a crew filming closely behind her (or, as some might say, peering up her skirt). Thinking that she might be a celebrity, I tried to take a picture of her so I could message it to Julie, my friend and co-worker, so that she could later identify her. As it turns out, my co-worker has no idea who she is. But, guess what?! Now Steph, Ric and I are celebrities! So, it doesn’t matter who that tacky slob in pink is anymore!

Heh, just kidding… but, you can check out the video below. Apparently it was aired on TV (Steph and Ric’s boss saw it and recognized them). Within the first 10 seconds you can see our little group gawking at the woman as we exit Seoul Station (I’m the one in an orange fleece). Enjoy!

*Totes not a celebrity, just an attention seeker.


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