This past winter threw me for a loop. When I left work each evening at 6:30pm, it was already dark outside. And bitter cold. After work, I would hurry home exhausted and cursing the temperature that was consistently dropping below zero. Even Sigma refused to do more than her “business”– she tugged at the leash to go back to the apartment, her short coat unable to protect her from the snow and wind. I ended up catching a cold that lasted for two long months and which ultimately developed into something more severe and inhibiting. I did make use of my health insurance and saw a few doctors– but they just sent me home with prescriptions for antibiotics and other assorted pills. No fun. All this is to say that not much got done in the way of physical activity over the winter months here. I could barely walk outside without feeling breathy and achy; I just tried to reserve all of my energy for my kindergarteners. Perhaps I should mention that in Korea it is very difficult (and uncommon) to take a sick day– it just doesn’t happen.

Steph and I braving the cold– all bundled (and fogged) up on a walk home from dinner

I was relieved when it began to warm up these last few weeks. Just in time for spring! Just in time for my birthday! I’ve been trying to kick my ass into gear and get back into marathon training. And while I am no longer sick and the weather is a bit nicer, it doesn’t feel nearly as easy as it did when I lived in tropical Thailand with my sabai sabai work schedule. Just this past week I took on an additional 80 minute kindergarten class and I leave work feeling browbeaten and worse for the wear. But these little kids be damned, I am going to get back in the training spirit and find myself a race to register for. Just for fun, I think I will add my name to the Nike She Runs Seoul 7k lottery (May 25th). As far as a half or full marathon are concerned– I am not quite sure which race to sign up for. I am thinking either Chuncheon’s May 26th Green Forest Half Marathon or Seoul’s June 5th Han River Marathon. We’ll see… I’ll let you know what I decide. ^^


2 responses to “RUN

  1. Hey Syd,
    I’d start with the 1/2 marathon so you have another goal/challenge (full marathon) to look forward to later. Wish you were home to do the Tough Mudder with Ethan, Katelyn and I on April 27th- we could use your skills on our team! Love you. Tim
    p.s. sorry the beach thing didn’t work out so well – but loved reading about it. You really need to write a book – you have such entertaining style!

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