Tubing at Tedin

[Notice: Story From January]

A couple months back we took our kindergarteners on a field trip to Tedin Water Park and Spa (테딘 패밀리 워터파크) to do some kiddie tubing. I thought I should post the pictures now before it really starts to warm up (it’s a bit chilly today so the post seems *a bit* relevant… a stretch, I know, but just wait– my next blog post will be about an old snowboarding adventure).

There’s not that much to say about the trip, really. The kids had a lot of fun and enjoyed having Sydney Teacher carry their tubes up the hill while holding their mittened hands. No one cried and no one got hurt– so it is safe to say that it was a good day. Tedin Water Park is actually a large [indoor] water park and resort, but they transformed the grounds during the winter months to attract families with small children to try out an outdoor winter activity.

View of the tubing hill

View of the manufactured “hill”

Sophia looking happy pre-tubing...

Sophia looking happy pre-tubing…

Little Adam contemplating his existence



Jessica and I posing at the top of the hill

View from the top

View from the top

Jessica waiting patiently to go down the hill with Sydney Teacher

Tired Sydney Teacher

Exhausted Sydney Teacher… time to go back to school


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