White Day

This time last month I wrote about Valentine’s Day in Korea and in the post I made mention of a more female-centric holiday that takes place on March 14th (today!) called White Day. This time around I made sure to take some pictures of stores and vendors preparing for the big day… but I have to say, Valentine’s Day seemed a bit more significant in terms of reactions the day of and the hoards of people [read: women] that I saw buying chocolates for their crushes, boyfriends, brothers and bosses.

Lollipops, candies, cookies, and donuts were given to Sydney Teacher for White Day (Thanks students!)–  sometimes it pays to be a teacher…

Korean marts and grocery stores akin to America’s CVS and Giant Eagle erected large White Day displays in an attempt to lure men into buying over-sized teddy bears and velvet roses for the women in their lives…

Outside of my neighborhood GS25 Mart the night before White Day

Hell– shops even set up huge displays in the middle of a popular neighborhood road just to draw in frantic, last-minute shoppers…

Giant teddy bears just in time for White Day

And a huge Ferrero Rocher chocolate and velvet rose display outside of the popular bar and restaurant district in Dujeong-dong on the eve of White Day

On my Korean White Day, I find myself preparing for an after-work meeting while desk-warming. Maybe a dinner date with my co-teacher Julie? I’m still waiting to see if I’ll be eating black noodles on April 14th… hehe. I probably will be either way… hope I can find a restaurant willing to make a vegetarian version of the melancholy fare. ^.~


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