Steph’s 25th

My friend’s birthday happens to be the same day as the Korean March 1st Movement, which meant that we had the whole day to commemorate Korean Independence from Japan and her birth. After checking out Tapgol Park, we hit up one of Seoul’s cultural and artistic Meccas, Insadong, to pick up a birthday present.

A game of hopscotch anyone?

A game of hopscotch while shopping? Yes, please!

Giraffes on a roof?! How could you not love Seoul?

After picking out a nice handmade gift and chocolate cake, a large group met at VIPS in Hongdae to eat copious amounts of food and drink bottles of wine and celebrate our favorite English ex-pat’s birth.

The infinitely fun Steph and Ric

The infinitely fun Steph and Ric

Birthday posing with Steph

Presents were open, glasses of wine were had, chocolate cake was eaten, and laughter could be heard all around…

Steph with some of her presents (poo chocolate) from Alex... ^^

Steph with some of her presents (poo chocolate) from Alex… ^^

Following dinner, we drank some Hongdae cocktails and pre-gamed the noraebang (karaoke) by performing a public rendition of Queen’s “Find Me Somebody To Love” at the snobby bar we happened to be drinking in. Fortunately for the other patrons, our group left and made its way to a lively basement noraebang for some [more] late night music slaughtering.

Steph rocking out at the 노래방!

Steph’s birthday was a success– well, except when we were trying to get into our hotel rooms and ended up opening a stranger’s door at 4 in the morning. That wasn’t so much fun… until the next day when we all laughed awkwardly about it and prayed we wouldn’t find him lurking angrily outside our rooms…


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