Kinder Graduation

Dear Kindergarteners,

Violin performance prior to the ceremony

Violin performance prior to the ceremony

I am so proud of you! When I first met you, some eight months ago, you knew how to count to ten and all of the colors of the rainbow. You knew where your “eyes” were and where the “door” was. But I know you felt frustrated sometimes when you were unable to communicate to me in a way that felt satisfying and complete. It is hard to explain in a second language that you are angry that your daddy worked late last night and that you miss him! It is difficult to let me know that Sophia shared her candy with all of the other students but not with you. And it is upsetting when you feel sick and your tummy hurts but you don’t know how to tell me. I am not surprised that you would sometimes cry or even throw the occasional temper tantrum– learning a second language is tough work!

After months of studying, it became apparent that you felt more comfortable with your new language skills. With each new day you impressed me with your questions for clarification, your improved handwriting, your insightful statements, and your want to learn new words. I am warmed over every time you string together a thoughtful sentence or try to patiently explain a new game to your out-of-date teacher. You are amazing and you should be proud of yourselves!

As you are well aware, Sydney Teacher is a sappy teacher, and I would be so sad if you left Trinity School and moved on to larger pastures (or playgrounds). But lucky for me, you will be sticking around for the next semester as you transition into your new program. I can’t wait to see your growth over the next semester… Soon enough I just know that I will catch you reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone between classes! ㅋㅋㅋ

And you know what the best part of graduation is (recognition and celebrations aside)? The gifts you gave me! Hehe– just kidding! No, but seriously, you gave me some awesome gifts…

Oh you know.. just a tube of lipstick from one of my kindergarteners...

Oh you know.. just a tube of lipstick from one of my kindergarteners…

… and a comforter!

Congratulations kindergarteners! Your teacher is so proud!

Sydney Teacher

ps. I’m also incredibly happy that after 8 months, the dong chim has finally lost its appeal.


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