Harlem Shake

After watching a washing machine, a pack of dogs, and my brother participating in the latest viral video sensation, I figured I would get in on the action…

Yeah, yeah, …it’s pretty terrible. I don’t know how to edit videos and really, I find it even more hilarious because the transitions are shit.

On the off-chance that you wanted to see my brother and his co-workers at a Mongolian BBQ thrusting and wiggling in what amounts to a much better video, check out the clip below:

(my brother, E, is the tall fellow in the Waldo get-up)


4 responses to “Harlem Shake

    • i showed my kids one of the “harlem shake” videos and asked if they wanted to make one. they readily agreed. it was done in one take (which is why the main dancer dances out of the frame at one point) because i wanted to get back to teaching. hahaa

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