“Blind” Korean Beer Taste Test

After some late-afternoon pool, A and I decided to end the evening with a split-pea soup with baguette… and a “blind” Korean beer taste test. There aren’t many [Korean] beers to choose from out here (Max, Cass, Hite, Dry Finish, OB) and people tend to pick their “favorite” and stick with it. For example, I tend to reach for Cass while my friend Alex tends toward water… haha. Well, we wanted to see if there were noticeable differences in flavors and ultimately if we would be able to distinguish the beers in a line up. We bought 5 Korean beers and the American standard, Budweiser, as a throw in, and while the split-peas were simmering, we lined up each other’s beers while the other wasn’t looking.

The line up...

The line up

Max, Cass, Dry...

Budweiser, Max, Cass, Dry Finish, Hite, OB

The tasting didn’t go as smoothly as we had thought it would. I’m going to blame it on the use of paper cups– the beer went flat pretty quickly. I felt like I had correctly identified the first three, but by the end all of the beers tasted the same… like watered down piss. In all honesty, I couldn’t tell any noticeable difference in any of the beers except for perhaps one, which I described as being somehow “wheatier” than the others. At various points, A would exclaim things like “I’m never drinking “F” again,” or “Bleh, they all taste terrible.” Regardless, we both ended up pretty intoxicated.

The Aftermath... (aka drunkzzz)

The Aftermath… (aka drunkzzz)

We both were pretty certain that we would be able to distinguish about two or three of the beers… but we were only able to correctly identify one: Cass. So, out of 6 beers, both of us only were able to name Cass. Lame. Anyway, we decided we would have to try the taste test again using glassware instead of paper cups and maybe incorporate some friends into the mix.

Restorative Dinner

Restorative Dinner

At any rate, the evening was a success– and the split-pea soup was needed after so much crap beer. You should all take the Korean Beer Challenge and let me know how it goes!


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