Proud Teacher

Today at school, I had a proud teacher moment. I usually have my herd write down their feelings on a small dry-erase board complete with emoticon. Well today’s class took a different turn when two of my kids wrote down “Im …” or “I happy matth.” These little ones are only 5 years old (7 in Korean age) and could barely speak English when I began working here 7 months ago. Now they are attempting to write sentences on their own! And they didn’t even ask for my help! *gush*

Sophia attempts sentences!

Sophia attempts sentences!

First attempts at sentences.

Juliet tries to write some descriptive sentences! 

Translation of Juliet’s descriptive sentences:

“I’m happy because of math [class];” “I’m excited because of Lily” (she was going to go to Lily’s house after school to practice the piano); “I’m mad because [of my] dad” (she said that her dad hadn’t played with her the night before)


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