I’m Cold.

Today, with the temperature barely hitting 10°F (-12°C), it makes sense that my hagwon‘s heating would be broken…

So cold… so sad…  추워요

Susan and Julie, modeling their coldness like K-Drama stars…  예쁜! ^^

But as sorry as I felt for myself (ugh…cold…), I felt a wee bit worse for my little kinder kids. They had to suffer through the lesson on winter activities (snowball fights, skiing, making snowpeople & snowangels, building igloos, etc.) in the icebox that used to be a classroom and then, during snacktime, they had to drink slushie milk. They were not necessarily happy with Syd-o-ney Teacher.

Laughing at the milk slush

Laughing at the milk slush


Mmm Milk Slush!

Mmm Milk Slush!

Thankfully, my boss and his wife gave me a present today: three pairs of thick winter stockings! So nice and so necessary…

Warm stockings...

Warm stockings…

I’ll be over here, in the teacher’s room, sitting on my seat warmer, wrapped in a down coat and thick scarf, listening to Ivry Gitlis perform an icy version Bach’s Chanconne. Wish me luck please…


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