It Stuck!

Cheonan’s first, *real* snowy day all started with some late-night snow. I was so excited that I rushed to take pictures out of my apartment window. The pictures, of course, didn’t really come out well, but eh, I’ll take what I can get.

Nighttime snow

Night-time snow fall

I was ecstatic to see that last night’s snow had decided to stick around until the morning. Unfortunately, underneath the snow was a frozen deathtrap of ice that Sigma and I unwittingly found ourselves skating on during our morning walk.



just some morning snow graffiti

Morning [snow] graffiti– something about “perfection”

The little park covered in snow!

Sigma’s little park all covered in snow!

First Siggy snow pic of the season ❤


My walk to school was hazardous and cold! Good thing I bought a thick coat last week…

community garden

The community garden looked quite lovely I thought…

With the temp in the low 30s all day, the snow and ice made themselves at home on the roads and sidewalks. It was all pleasant to me until my dark walk home from the grocery store nearly ended with me face-planting on a patch of ice. Fun! At any rate, it’s supposed to snow on Wednesday and Friday of this week as well. I’m hoping to coerce my dujeong-dong friends into building miniature snowpeople with me and Sig in the park this weekend…


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