Aimard Plays Seoul

This past Sunday I attended Pierre-Laurent Aimard‘s piano recital at the LG Arts Center in Seoul. It was a particularly deft and exciting performance. Aimard held the audience at rapt attention as he made his way through the heavy works of Holliger, Ligeti, Schumann, among others. After performing the scheduled pieces, and following a hearty applause with whoops and “bravos,” Aimard sat back down on his bench and performed two homages to the recently deceased Elliot Carter, a prolific composer whom Aimard has collaborated with before. Applause, applause, applause. Aimard returned to his audience and said in English “we have been serious all evening long” before playing Ligeti’s Étude #3, as he put it, “for fun.” He finished up his 4-part encore with a playful piece by Debussy. The audience loved him and he loved them back…

Photo from Qobuz

The Program:

Heinz Holliger– Elis: 3 Nocturnes for Piano

Robert Schumann– Symphonic Études (including the opus post.) op. 13

  • Theme – Adante
  • Étude I [Variation 1] – Un poco piu vivo
  • Étude II [Varation 2] – Adante
  • Étude III – Vivace
  • Étude IV [Variation 3] – Allegro marcato
  • Étude V [Variation 4] – Scherzando
  • Étude VI [Variation 5] – Agitato
  • Étude VII [Variation 6] – Allegro Molto
  • *Variation I – Adante, Tempo del tema
  • *Variation II – Meno mosso
  • *Variation III – Allegro
  • *Variation IV – Allegretto
  • *Variation V – Moderato
  • Étude VIII [Variation 7] – Sempre marcatissimo
  • Étude IX – Presto possibile
  • Étude X [Variation 8] – Allegro con energia
  • Étude XI [Variation 9] – Adante espressivo
  • Étude XII [Finale] – Allegro brillante (based on Marschner’s theme)

*posthumous variations

Claude Debussy– 6 Préludes from Book II

  • Hommage à Pickwick Esquire P.P.M.P.C.
  • Canope
  • Ondine
  • Feuilles mortes
  • Les Tierces alternées
  • Feux d’artifice

György Ligeti– 6 Études

  • X. Der  Zauberlehrling
  • VII. Galamb Borong
  • II. Cordes vides
  • VIII. Fém
  • VI. Automne à Varsovie
  • XIII. L’escalier du diable

The concert hall at LG Arts Center

To get to the LG Arts Center, take subway line 2 to Yeoksam, exit 7. The LG Arts Center is connected to the subway station.


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