Awkward Sexism + “Couples” Sweaters

After work today, my co-teacher/friend Julie and I went to a department store to purchase some sweaters (the Korean winter is no joke ya’ll!). Everything was quite satisfactory until she pulled into the parking garage…

First, there was this:

Wonder what this banner means?

And then this:

…. and this pink “female” painted on the garage floor?

Oh… it looks like there are a lot of pink “girls” painted on the garage floor…

Oh… I get it…  female parking spaces…… ㅠㅠ

Oh! Well, what do you know! Rows of parking spaces for women! GREAT!

Julie told me that Lotte Mart, the business’s garage where we had parked, wanted to create convenient spaces for high-frequency shoppers (i.e. women (obviously)). Also, Lotte Mart wanted to make parking easier for women, so they made the female-only spaces larger and placed the aisles farther apart (because, damn, it is so hard to park cars with our vaginas and lipstick always getting in the way– you know what I’m sayin’?!!). And don’t you just love the pink, skirted icon? Yeah, I mean, it is a known fact that pink, skirts, vaginas, and terrible parking always go together.  …Or is it?


And what do you know, since Julie and I are women, and since women are great at shopping, it was rather easy for us to find discounted, matching winter sweaters! Yay! I am one step closer to my goal of successfully assimilating to Korean culture (perhaps I should mention that wearing matching clothing is the thing to do in Korea).

Matching winter sweaters!

Speaking of assimilation, check out this super cute smart phone cover that I bought this weekend:

All I need now are bangs and maybe some BB cream…


8 responses to “Awkward Sexism + “Couples” Sweaters

  1. Female parking spots?! Maybe I’m a bad feminist but I’m amused rather than offended by them, especially if they’re closer to the entrance!

  2. On the surface it does seem great to to be able to park closer to the entrance– but the extra-large spots? The wider lanes? Makes my spidey-sense tingle…. hahaha

  3. The reasoning behind it has to do a lot with women not feeling safe heading back to their parked car, especially when shopping alone or at night. The whole notion of it being discrimination and “vaginas and lipstick” comment was your own doing, not theirs.

  4. It’s only discrimination is you make it out to be. The company is actually trying to make solo shopping women feel safer in the parking lot. Please don’t make an issue out of nothing.

  5. Love the parking spots for ladies! 🙂 I was so amazed when my friend explained it to me. They are part of the great Korean culture experience I had 😀 Matching jumpers? I’M IN! ㅋㅋㅋ

  6. Love the parking spots for ladies!  I was so amazed when my friend explained it to me. They are part of the great Korean culture experience I had. Matching jumpers? I’M IN! ㅋㅋㅋ

  7. Heather + M: I completely understand the notion to wanting to feel safe in a parking garage. Coming from a country where assaults are fairly common, I certainly would agree that it’s important to figure out a way to ensure the safety of people (customers). That being said, I just don’t believe that that is the whole story regarding the parking spaces. Where are the handicapped spots? The maternity spaces? (I suppose the female parking spaces could be used as make-shift maternity spaces, but what if women who are not pregnant take up all “female” spots?) So I guess the question is, why the focus on one group for safety? Also, if the spots are truly in the name of safety (as you say), then why are the female designated spaces larger than the others and why are the lanes between the women’s parking rows wider? My post was meant to be a jibe, nothing more. It is a bit bizarre, the parking spots, and I wanted to share it. Thanks for reading– I appreciate your comments. 🙂

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