(Not the best photos, I know, but they are the only ones that I took– and I am happy to have been able to take them! Memories! Love!)

Thanksgiving this year has been a bit more melancholic than expected… but I guess honestly that should have been expected. It is cold here and many things seem up in the air of late. Also, I’m coming up on my second year of living abroad and I miss my people and Baltimore. Anyway, I spent the latter part of the evening buying a 10kg bag of dog food and found myself struggling to maneuver it on the crowded city bus back to my apartment. Then, after a long walk with La Sigita, I opened a bottle of wine, put on some Dylan, worked on report cards… and received some Skype calls from my family and friends. A really nice way to end the night, I will say. Missing [you] all this evening….


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