Yonsei University

Here are some pictures from my trip to Yonsei University this afternoon. I nearly choked up at the sight of tudor architecture alight with autumn ivy… It was like walking onto an American campus. Yeah… I’ve been gone for too long, I know…

Korean college town with busy, packed streets

Just outside of Yonsei University


Main drive

Underwood Hall, the Office of the President + Administration Building

Yonhi Hall, Graduate School of Public Administration

Seongam Hall, Graduate School of Communications and Arts

Back of Underwood Hall, the Office of the President

Because it was a Sunday I did not go on an official tour, nor did I speak with any campus representatives or administrators. So take the following with a grain of salt: the university did not seem especially western friendly. As a member of SKY, I expected Yonsei to feature more English. I will have to go back and arrange to meet with someone as well as take a guided tour.

Following my trek around the university, I decided to catch the subway to the Leeum Samsung Art Museum. I was in the mood for some more solitude after a pretty sad week…

Off to the Leeum….

Leeum Samsung Art Museum at twilight

Hah! This one is fitting…

Why hello there

Now I’m home and it is time for bed. Good night friends…..

To get to Yonsei University, take subway line 2 and get off at Sinchon Station (I can’t remember the exit number– but it was 1, 2, or 3. It doesn’t really matter because there are signs for Yonsei before exiting the subway station.). It’s a seven minute walk to the university from Sinchon Station. It’s literally right up the street (you will need to cross over to the right-hand side of the street, however, as well as cross a large intersection).

To get to the Leeum Samsung Art Museum, take subway line 6 and get off at Hangangjin Station, exit 1. Walk up the street until you reach a sign for the museum (roughly 500 meters from the Hangangjin Station exit) which directs you to turn right and walk up a hill to reach the building.


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