Sunday Hike

After purchasing a latté, Sigma and I went for a hike through Dujeong-dong’s very own mini-mountain (or hill, whatever). I think that the little mountain is commonly referred to as “The Wasteland.” I will say that when you make it up to the peak, the view and general melancholy of fall does elicit a certain T. S. Eliot poem (updated by me to reflect the season).

“[OCTOBER] is the cruellest month, breeding
[Pumpkins] out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with [autumn] rain.
[Summer] kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful [sun], feeding
A little life with dried tubers.”


Only in Korea are there work-out stations strategically placed in the mountains…

“Mom! Stop taking pictures and let me run in peace!”

Part 1: view from the peak of “The Wasteland”

Part 2: view from the peak of “The Wasteland”

Of course I managed to get us lost… we had to walk through grave sites to get back to start… *facepalm*

Now that Sigma and I are “hiked out,” so to speak, I am going to catch the train into Seoul to check out one of the SKY universities (Seoul National, Korean, or Yonsei). A change of plans are in the works…


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