Sokcho: A No Go

Modeling my new winter hat… while preparing to eat green tea bingsu

My friend Alex and I were supposed to go to Sokcho National Park for a midnight hike up Seoraksan, the park’s tallest mountain, to catch the “peaking” of the autumnal foliage and the sunrise (NBD). Problems arose when Alex tried to purchase bus tickets to Sokcho– there was no way to secure a bus or a transfer from Cheonan to the national park. We would have had to just buy tickets from Cheonan to Seoul and then at some Seoul bus terminal we would have had to cross our fingers that the last bus leaving for Sokcho would 1.) be there and 2.) have seats left. Ultimately, we decided it was just too much uncertainty for a Saturday night. Instead? We went to Café Béne and I got green tea bingsu and Alex got a waffle topped with vanilla gelato (clearly I won). Dessert might not make up for a missed 8 hour mountain hike, but it came pretty damn close.

P.S. Don’t you just love my new winter hat? I picked it up today in Suwon… it just screams “Korea” and “Totoro.”



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