Osan Conclusion


Before the start. The woman in the pink placed 1st or 2nd..

The Osan 10k was a fun way to spend Saturday morning. I went with a group of women who live in and around Cheonan (we all met at Dujeong-dong’s subway station and traveled to Osan together). The event had all of the theatrics you’d expect for a marathon: live music, group stretches, clowns, fireworks, and even a group of hanbok-wearing dancers. We were the only westerners and as such we drew a lot of attention from event photographers.

Even Ajumas (middle-aged Korean women) want to stay fit

Hanbok-wearing Music/Dance Troupe

Osan is a fairly standard looking middle-sized Korean city and with the fog (perhaps “haze” is more appropriate) hanging over the city, the town had an industrial feel. The race ran alongside a stream and bike path before veering off past a gas station and into the city streets– not the most scenic of routes, I would say, but who am I to judge?

Ultimately, I ran the whole race on my post-bike-trip legs and I was pleased that my legs didn’t feel like logs during the run. I am certainly not a fast runner, but I am capable of doing long distance without feeling the need to stop and walk.

Caitlin, one of the women that I went with, did extremely well at the 10km- she placed 3rd! She is currently training for the JoongAng International Marathon in Seoul and undoubtedly will kill it. Because she placed third, she had to participate in the event’s closing ceremony (after listening to Psy’s Gangnam Style roughly 10 times that is… Played out? Never!). The announcer slaughtered her name, but the crowd seemed to get a kick out of a tall, athletic blonde westerner placing in their race.

Caitlin, the beast!, with her trophy for placing third in the 10k

After a few more pictures were taken for the Osan website, we collected our belongings and headed back to the train to get back to Cheonan and to afternoon naps.


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