Yesterday, after meeting with La Sigita’s Chuseok sitter, I had to catch a taxi to the Cheonan/Asan KTX station to pick up my bike (I was too exhausted after my ride on Saturday to bike it home and I didn’t quite think it would fit easily in a taxi). Thankfully, it hadn’t been stolen– although, who am I kidding? This is South Korea! Nothing gets stolen here!* I rode the 4 miles back to my apartment, but not before stopping to investigate Cheonan’s Sports Arena…

Olympic columns at the entrance of Cheonan Sports Arena

Sunset view at the top of the Arena

Afterwards, I met up with Alex for a coffee/blogging date at Caffé Bene. Coffee and cattiness were had (in waves!). After we finished up, I dragged him to a pajeon restaurant… along the way, we found this miserable sleeping cat perched in my veterinarian’s window:

Look at this thing!

Late-night-post-blogging-dinner with Alex

After our 10,000 won pancake and soy paste soup, we walked back to our apartments… 5 more days of adorable, temper-tantrum-filled days until Chuseok!

* This is meant to be a humorous and endearing poke at S. Korea and its citizens and how safe people feel in general about the security of their material possessions.  This generalization does not extend to westerners residing in S. Korea…


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