Tomorrow I will begin my bike tour to the N. Korean border at the exciting hour of 6am. I wish I could be more excited at the moment, but honestly, after today’s “Speech Day” and my work week in general, I just want to stay in bed all weekend watching shitty horror movies and eating sourdough pretzels. That being said, I have wanted to check out the Odusan Observatory and this should be a good way to check out the city…  Ugh, I’m too tired at the moment to even pretend to be excited! hahah

I’m mostly ready to go… I cut up some apples and stashed some almonds, peanut butter, and puffed rice crackers in my pack. I’ll be bringing a thermos of coffee (…mmm) and a bottle of water. I don’t know… I will only be gone for the day, so I don’t anticipate needing much. Toilet paper? Check!


…and this is my how my brain feels today… like something covered in safety nets.



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