I posted yesterday about biking to Gwangju this Saturday. Here’s why I decided on that end-point:

Kim Boem’s “12 Sculptural Recipes” (2007-2011), photo by me

Craig Walsh + Hiromi Tango’s “Home-Gwangju” (2012), photo by me

Multi-media display in front of landscape photograph, photo by me

I went to Gwangju two weeks ago to check out the Biennale, “Asia’s oldest and most prestigious biennial of contemporary art.” I ended up purchasing season passes for the 2 month event and I was planning on going back at a later date to check out more of the exhibits. So why not bike there as a means to test my bike? An exhibit of Ai Wei Wei’s will be featured at this year’s Biennale, in addition to works by Jeonglok Lee, Mark Bradford, and many others. Last time I was only able to check out three of the galleries before becoming visually and socially overstimulated so hopefully I can get through more of the galleries this time around…


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