Hi hi!

I have been casually maintaining a running blog (RunningVeg) but I have recently decided that I wanted a fresh start. Welcome to Plastic Whales (where extreme amounts of coffee and a laptop collide head-on)!

Answers to questions you may or may not have:

Why “Plastic Whales”? 

It’s a reference to a yellow narwhal puppet that was given to me by MK. The gift, in ways both abstract and concrete, helped me through a rough period when I was living in Thailand. When things seem difficult or when I feel lonely, I take out the little toy and keep on keeping on.

The yellow narwhal puppet in action

“Yellow,” the narwhal puppet, ensuring the completion of classroom assignments

Is this purely a running/biking blog? 

No, not at all. I do lead a fairly “active” life by some standards and therefore I suppose it is natural that I would write about the training that I do in my “off hours.” But I also do many other things… LSAT “training,” teaching English, studying egalitarian and autonomy-based ethics, touring museums and cities, playing with my adorable dog, and drinking liters of coffee.

Where do you live? What do you do? 

I am residing in Cheonan, S. Korea. At present, I am an ESL teacher at a hagwon (a private learning academy) and teach kindergarteners, second graders, fifth graders, and seventh graders. (“Teacher, I so genius.”)

Cheonan, S. Korea

Why start a new blog when you already have an established blog complete with followers? 

I needed a change in scene. I felt constricted by the other blog and my old posts… Ultimately I wanted to try something new, something that would give me the freedom to write about more relevant things without feeling guilty about not writing about running or vegetarianism.

Questions about ESL teaching? Living in Asia? Travelling with a dog? Running?

Contact me directly at plasticwhales@gmail.com.


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